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I was born in the Bay Area of California on a warm June afternoon in the comfort of my own home, much to the surprise of my lovely mother and father who weren't expecting me for another two weeks. As I grew older and set out into the world, I found that I had a deep love for the arts, especially theater, film, fiction writing, singing in the shower and racing anything with wheels.


I live in LA, pursuing my true love of acting while riding my bikes for Santa Cruz Factory Racing and spending time with my friends and family.


Born: June 17th

Height: 5'8

Weight: 145lbs.

Hair: Red

Eyes: Blue

Skin: Can't tan for love nor money.

Voice: Tenor

Interests: Mountain Biking, MTB/BMX Racing, Shotgun Golf, Videography, Futurology.

Favorite Authors: Frank Herbert, Robert Heinlein, JRR Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Isacc Asimov, Ursula K. Le Guin

Selected Resume


The 13th Step                             Jeff                    Dir. Tucker Somberg (2023)

Skitter                                         Husband            Dir. Dave Flores (2023)

Unnatural Selection            Judge              Dir. Morgan Montgomery (2023)

Parting Of The Soul                  Priest/Satan      Dir. Morgan Montgomery (2022)


Dashin' Delivery                        Greg                    Dir. Fernando Rivera (2021)

Astral                                         Tom Michaels     Dir. Morgan Montgomery (2020)

It's Never Delivery                    Steve                   Dir. Daniel Dorff (2020)

Hotel West                                 Max                      Dir. William Kioultzopoulos (2019)

Happiness Adjacent                 Kurt Dimmeldorf  Dir. Rob Williams (2018) 

Fools West                                The Outlaw           Dir. Tian Chen (2018)

Daphnis et Chloe                      Bryaxis                 Dir. David Murakami (2018)

In Another Room VR                The Writer            Dir. The Keeling Brothers (2017)

Responds To Isaac Asimov     Will                        Dir. Paul Rossi (2017)

Now You Know                         Jogger                   Dir. Roberto Ferreria (2017)

Family in Progress                  Herman Hill          Dir. Paul Rossi & David Murakami (2016)

Doctor Touch: Bloodwork       Dr. Touch               Fourth Hallway Films (2016)

Painting Portraits: The...         Geronimo Savage  Dir. Tian Chen (2015)

Morningstar                             Lucifer                    Fourth Hallway Films (2015)

Fog Dive                                   The Dreamer         Dir. Sam Clevenger (2015)

Gun With The Wind                 Sam Hardy             Fourth Hallway Films (2014)

Antikythera                              Daniel                     Dir. Sam Clevenger (2014)

The Third Artist                       First Artist             Dir. David Murakami (2013)

The Happy Meal                       Ian                          Dir. Zac Stein (2013)

The Rippling Goat Effect         Ned                         Dir. Tal Kamran (2013)

The Making Of                          Luke                       Buttonwillow Films (2013)

Corsicana                                 Peter                       Dir. Sam Clevenger (2013)

Introducing Facebook             Self                         Miller Productions (2012)

Before the Thunder                 Tristan                    Fourth Hallway Films (2012)

E.M.'s Guide to Sensual Cooking  Self                   Miller Productions (2011)

Atlas Fugue                              Peddler                   Dir. Christopher Rosenberg (2011)


Recruiters: Mission First S.1-2  PFC Forsythe      Veteran Television (2019-21)


The Shop S.2                            SFC Easton             Veteran Television (2020)

The Crew                                  Peter Korr               Baraka Productions (2020)

Meanwhile, At The Barracks  (Hill) Billy                 Veteran Television (2020)

Checkpoint Charlie S.2          Trevor Williams       Veteran Television (2019)

Blader                                     Officer B                    Eleven Arts (2019)

Castles In The Air                  Petrov Koring            Baraka Productions (2019)

Drunken Debrief                    TOC Soldier               Veteran Television (2018)

Winner's Guide                      Todd                           Talley Bros Productions (2018)

Department of Offense         Robert                        Veteran Television (2018)


Troilus And Cressida             King Menalaus        Riot! Shakespeare (2024)

Stranger Things: The Exp.    Blake Collins            Netflix / Fever (2022-23)

20th Century Art                  JRR Tolkien                Flat Tire Theater Company (2022)

Two Comedies Of Gentle...  Antipholus of Syr.      Riot! Shakespeare (2020)


Electra                                  Patroclus*                   The Minnesota Opera (2019)  

As You Like It                       Charles                        Riot! Shakespeare (2019)

In Another Room Season 2  Walter                        E3W Productions (2018)

Bitter At The End                Justin**                         E3W Productions (2018)

Wicked Pagan Gays           Douglas                         The Zephyr Theater (2018)

In Another Room               The Writer                      E3W Productions (2017)

No Such Thing                   Steven                            The Underground Theater (2017)

HoliDays                             Scott                               Tiny Rhino Productions (2017)

Hurry Up And Wait            Weakest Link                 The Lee Strasburg Institute (2016)

Champion, A Jazz Opera  Griffith's Shadow*         Opera Parallele San Francisco (2016)

Anya 17                              John*                              Opera Parallele San Francisco (2014)

It’s a Wonderful Life         Robbie Curtis                  Shakespeare Santa Cruz (2013)

The Last Croissant           Ranger Dave/ Bear        Mountain Community Theater (2012)

A Forgotten Future           Lantry                             UCSC DARC Space (2012)

Boiling Blood                     Mr. Sam                          West Valley College (2012)

Firefly: Our Mrs. Reynolds "Wash” Washburne      UCSC Barn Theater (2012)

Ros. and Guil. are Dead       Guildenstern                 UCSC Barn Theater (2011)

Mummified Deer                Dr. Killdeare                  UCSC Main Stage (2011)

Holy Ghosts                        Howard Rudd                UCSC Experimental Space (2010)

Tranny Nanny                    Rosie Cheeks                 UCSC Barn Theater (2010)

The Nightmare Before...   Dr. Finklestein                UCSC Quarry Plaza (2009)

The First Step                    Alex and Dead Alex       UCSC Barn Theater (2008)

Dr. Horrible's...                  Anchorman/Henchman UCSC Barn Theater (2008)

Birdman                             Tanjata Manu                 UCSC Barn Theater (2008)


Narrative Podcasts

Hollow                                     Captain Clarke          Violet Hour Media (2022)

Red Riding Hoods                  Reverend Ambrose   Violet Hour Media (2021)

Most Dangerous                     Ethan                         Violet Hour Media (2021)

In Another Room                   Walter                         E3W Productions (2020)

Video Games/Interactive Media

Far Cry 5                                Jacob Seed Ref.          Brick And Chrome (2017)

Commercial / Industrial

KPMG "From That To This"        Golf Fan                 MALKA Media (2023)

Wall Vs. Me B2B Ad                   Art Appreciator     Teal Tile Digital (2021)

The Invisible Man "Prank"   Grip                     Universal / Blumhouse (2020)

Sailor Jerry's Spec Ad             Lighthouse Keeper Bourekas Productions (2020)


Healthcare: CPI                        John                        CPI (2020)

Home Depot/Lowes Ind.         Assembler              TruStylz Media Group (2016-19)

SunVilla Industrial                   Assembler              TruStylz Media Group (2016-17)

Exo-Skeleton Spec                  Physical Therapist  Rekon Productions (2017)

NowGo                                      Cyclist                      Paper Street Studios (2016)

Baxter of California                 Style Victim             Dir. Scott Talbot (2016)

VET-TV Ad                                Hipster Spouse       Veteran Television (2016)

Miller Lite/ VW Spec Ad          Partygoer                Dir. Benjamin Slocombe (2016)

HBO NOW Spec Ad                  GOT Impersonator  Dir. Scott Talbot (2016)

StingRay Developer Kit          Spokesman              Miller Productions (2015)

StingRay CES Promo              Voiceover                 Miller Productions (2015)

*Denotes appearance as pre-filmed Stage Projection.

** Denotes appearance as pre-recorded Voiceover.



Voices, Accents (Southern US, Western US, Scottish, British, Eastern European), Athletics (cycling, mountain biking, BMX, running, weightlifting, gymnastics), Stage Combat (hand-to-hand, knife), Fencing (Epee, Foil, Saber), Firearms proficiency (handgun, shotgun, long rifle), can go from clean-shaven to a full beard in 3 weeks.



- San Diego 48 Hr. Film Festival Best Ensemble Acting H/M (2016, Family in Progress)

- San Diego 48 Hr. Film Festival Nomination for Best Picture (2016, Family in Progress)

- San Francisco 48 Hr. Film Festival, Best Use of Genre (2014, Gun With The Wind)

- Motherlode Drama Festival, 1st Place, Two Person Scene (2008, Private Wars)

- Motherlode Drama Festival, Best Performance (2008, Laughing Wild)

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